2v2 Shredders Cup

It’s almost October and there hasn’t been any tournaments. That’s not fun! I declare that the 2v2 Shredders Cup has officially begun! Read more to know further details:

We shall once again return to the multiplayer battlefields of Team Deathmatch along with your ally to face off another team of two besties in some of the closest encounters you might ever face. So pack your gear good because you’re gonna need it!


All participants must be a member of Rebel Federation: Call of Duty Mobile community discord server and must have a teammate to participate with throughout the tournament. Replacements will not be entertained. If you’re not in the server, click HERE.


All secondaries are banned
• All throwables, lethal or tactical are banned
• All scorestreaks and operator skillsets are banned
• The following perks are banned:
– Dead Silence
– Alert
– High Alert
• The following weapons are also banned:
– Rytec AMR
– NA-45
– XPR-50
– M21 EBR
– All shotguns
• Thermite reload mag on any weapons are banned


• Game mode: Team Deathmatch
• Kill limit: 30
• Time limit: 1200 seconds
• Maps: Shipment, Nuketown, Killhouse


The matches will be in a self host manner. Team captains will get to choose their timings. A 48 hour due will be given to the team and if they fail to finish their match within the given time period they will be eliminated.


You might recognize this bracket from our Snipe and Destroy tournament. All teams will be split in two blocks where they have to win to qualify for finals against winner of another block, pretty simple.


• The duo placed first in this tournament will receive 20,000 Rebel cash distributed 10,000 each.
• Runner-up duo will be awarded 10,000 Rebel cash distributed 5,000 each.
• Third place duo will be awarded 6,000 Rebel cash distributed 3,000 each.


You can head to #tournament-registration in the community server and register your team name and your teammate, along with preferred availability to play the tournament in time and timezone informed. Any questions regarding anything about tournament can be asked in #faq.

Shoutout to Planning Team for being cool and planning, presenting and managing this tournament.

Wishing all participants good luck! Fight the Good Fight!


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