These are our official main and feeder clans of Rebel Federation. The requirements of the clan and the leader’s name and ID is given below you can either search the clan name or friend the leaders and find the clan through their profile. Find the Clan which suits you! Once you requested to join the Clan our Master or Vice Master(s) will accept your invitation as soon as possible.

Clans for Global/Activision version:

Clan-1 – Rebel Federation (Clan Level – 10)

Clan Master: @waleedinwar!
Clan Master’s ID: 6812541647839756289
Status: Accepting requests.
Requirements: Legendary+


Clan 2 – RebelFederationB (Clan Level -8)

Clan Master: @𝑅𝐹۝sweatyπ‘©π’‚π’ƒπ’š 𝒀𝒐𝒅𝒂𝒀𝑻
Clan Master’s ID: 6744115946447175681
Status: Accepting requests.
Requirements: Master+


Clan 3 – RebelFederation2 (Clan Level- 6)

Clan Master: @Vishal72002
Clan Master’s ID: 6742703393259388929
Status: Accepting requests.
Requirements: None.


Clans for Garena version:

Clan-1 – RebelFederation (Clan Level- 2)

Clan Master: @JVPlayz
Clan Master’s ID: 6847733599253299201
Status: Temporarily closed.
Requirements: None.


Clan-1 – RebelFederationG (Clan Level- 2)

Clan Master: @lil toes
Clan Master’s ID: 6744088138328571905
Status: Accepting requests.
Requirements: None.

(Note- All the Requirement is based on Multiplayer Ranking Levels)

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