Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 brought a new Battle Pass Vault system to the game and here’s all you need to know about it.

Call of Duty: Mobile marks its Third Anniversary with Season 10 (2022): World Class featuring some football-themed operators, new weapon, operator skill, weapon blueprint, first ever Mythic Operator, Battle Royale updates, new Multiplayer map, and a ton of background updates like improving gun designs, sound design, all packed in a massive 2.5 gigabyte update making sure they have left no stones un-turned to ensure that all players, new as well as old return back to the game for the amazing thrilling experience which keeps them glued on their superior gaming chairs.
In fact, rumors have it that they are also adding referee to yellow card those melee abusers. Hopefully they add them really soon because a certainly high amount of users have broken their phones and tablets already.

Alongside this content release and amazing things bringing enough people back to ranked lobbies that I might break my No NA-45 November, Activision looks forward to introduce Battle Pass Vault from this Season till the unforeseeable future. So, if you’re one of the owners of these skin:

I’ve got some bad news for you.

Well? What is this “Battle Pass Vault”?

The Battle Pass Vault feature allows you to purchase previous CoD: Mobile Battle Pass content to gain the rewards you missed out on. For this, players have to use Battle Pass Vault Coins earned in the current season’s Battle Pass to unlock tiers in the previous Battle Pass content available in the Battle Pass Vault.

Paragraphs. Which we don’t understand.

In simple words, if you are rich, Battle Pass Vault is a way to get rewards from different Battle Pass Season using Vault Coins. Tired of bad operators and ugly weapon blueprints? Well now you have a reason to grind for it.
From here on out every latest Battle Pass will contain Vault Coins in between it’s tiers and also beyond 50 tiers, providing more reason to grind it. With these coins if you have purchased an old Battle Pass, you will be able to purchase it’s epic rarity rewards, and I don’t mean the trip mines. Please don’t spend your coins on trip mines.

Isn’t that- great?


Currently, the above three are the only choices of Battle Pass in the Vault. It is assumed that each new Battle Pass season will offer random three Battle Passes from before. Hence if you choose to grind one of above, you might need to wait for a while for either of the two to make a return.

A very important thing to note is that this is a one-time investment. The CoD Points spent to purchase rewards of previous Battle Pass will NOT be refunded, unlike present season Battle Passes. So this is really an investment you might need to think five times about.

What does this mean for the future of CoD: Mobile?

In a marketing standpoint, Activision have clearly outdone themselves. We are all aware how much people love Call of Duty operators like Ghost, Spectre, Price, Alex, and many others. It is observed in the past that users would spend tens and hundreds of dollars to get those blueprints. Introducing Battle Pass Vault is a bold way to make profits as well as making players grind Battle Pass more actively than before, even beyond the 50 tiers.

In terms of gamers who are new to our community, this would allow them to see the glory of CoD: Mobile unfold, and now accessible more than ever. The days of picking up weapons of your teammates and opponents are slowly fading away and the amount of hours put towards the grind would increase beyond nominal levels. Lastly, they can feel more inclined towards playing with the OG gamers of the community without getting clowned on.

Lastly, from the old gamers a.k.a my standpoint, this could become the way to diminishing the differences between a new player and old player. While this has its merits, watching these new players with names like DeAdLyBeAsTgAmEr69 running around with “AK-47 Task Force 141” would just reduce the moments where we get to assert dominance in our lobbies.

Regardless, in the end its up to us as a community to embrace the change or not. So what do YOU think about the Third Anniversary Update? Is the Battle Pass Vault the next big thing or is Ghost about to become more common than monthly calendar operators? Let us know in the comments below, or engage on a live conversation on our Discord!


All images are courtesy of Activision Publishing Inc.

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