About Us

Welcome to Rebel Federation’s Call of Duty: Mobile Division. We are a friendly community established on May 29th, 2020 to bring together players from all across the globe together to prove that CoDm is more than just a game where you fight, or just sweat in ranked. We at CoDmdiv look forward to make ourselves one of the finest communities that appeals to everyone and not just specific group. We want to be able to allow everyone in the community to have fun and become a source of fun content for everyone to take part in.

At CoDmdiv, every week is filled with boatload of events to participate in for all sorts of players, be it fun times hide and seek or competitive battle royale to be the last person standing. Every new month we host new sorts of tournaments with custom giveaways to check out. Besides all the casual events and tournament we also have esports with scrim battles against other clans.

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Our partners:

RF Call of Duty: Mobile Division is a division under our larger gaming community Rebel Federation. Existing since 2007 made by a group of teenagers playing Club Penguin, today, they have expanded to an all-around multi-platform gaming community, structurally organized together as a “Federation” of Discord servers, divisions playing similar games, and teams made up of groups of friends with similar interests. Collectively having over 15,000 members, RF is a large network of servers centered on specific games and one hub server, which serves as a access point and hangout for all of the divisions.