Donating to our community helps us keep our Division website running and sponsors our community events and tournaments.

Your donations are used solely for the Rebel Federation: Call of Duty Mobile, and never for personal gain on the part of our officers or high command.

Here’s what your donations can help us with:
  • Support our community network and it’s staff.
  • Maintain our Website and the Discord server.
  • Expand what we offer, pay for better website functions and community experience.
  • Provide us with better graphics, edits and visuals.
  • Give back to our community members with timely giveaways and various different contests.
  • Sponsor our monthly tournaments, special events and occasionally important days for the community.

What you will receive upon donating to us:
  • The Patron Role on the main RF Hub Discord and Pay To Win Role in RF: CoD Mobile Discord respectively.
  • Special access to the Patron only channel in both the discord servers to become the first to know about all new developments and sneak-peeks to our upcoming tournaments.
  • If you’re a content creator, your streams and videos will be broadcasted to our community members opting to receive pings for the same.
  • Further more perks throughout the Rebel Federation community. You can learn more by clicking HERE!

Here’s how you can donate to us:
  2. Click on the custom PayPal button to donate securely via PayPal.
  3. On the PayPal, you can choose or type the amount of donation respectively and select RF Call of Duty Mobile through the list of various RF divisions (you can donate to others as well!).
  4. Proceed to pay respectively and checkout. Remember to notify Commander or RF Administrator with regards to your donation

Whenever a community member donates, their discord tags will be spotlighted here forever