Another month, another tournament! Let’s take a dive and find out what brought us together to sweat and have some fun!

After a few days of debate to what we should really name this tournament, the Planning Team decided upon starting a new series of Battle Royale oriented tournaments to test our communities most extreme and diehard BR fans. Hence, presenting to you, the Vanquishers League I.

The announcement

On January 19th, we revived our tournament channels with some quality emotes and the following announcement:

“Introducing Vanquishers League 1
Welcome the arrival of a new series of Solo Battle Royale Tournaments focusing on the individual extreme skills of player, as regenerating your health is not an option.”


  • All sorts of armor plates were banned.
  • The following weapons were restricted to use since it would make the competition unfair:
    M21 EBR
  • The following classes were also restricted from being used since they would totally make the tournament unplayable:
    Trap master
    Smoke Bomber
  • Tanks were banned.


  1. Nitro Premium (1 Month), Custom Role, 15000 Rebel Cash
  2. Custom Coloured Role, 9000 Rebel Cash
  3. Above mentioned role, 5000 Rebel Cash


Everyday, the players would be invited to the lobby to land at a specific area in Isolated and Blackout maps. The purpose being to increase the overall competition and testing the player’s survival skills.

Nobody was ever well prepared for this tournament. Well, not even us!

Higher rewards, Tougher gameplay

One of our active members decided to raise the rewards for the runner ups to ensure better competition and everyone trying their best to at least be in the top 3. Alongside, we noticed how overpowered the PPSH was throughout, so we banned it as well.


Our staff member, Luci, won the Vanquishers League I Tournament!
Alongside, runner-ups are Waleed and Alp!

We congratulate the winners and thank everyone who participated in the tournament. Without our active community always dedicated to hop in, our tournaments will never be possible. All participants will be awarded 1,000 Rebel Cash for participating in the tournament. Shoutout to Planning Team for always organizing and engaging users with tournaments every month. And a very special shoutout to Wacky for sponsoring our tournament and being the first person to sponsor RF: CoD Mobile!

Signing off until next tournament!
RF: CoD Mobile Commander
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