Welcome to yet another tournament of the month at Rebel Federation: Call of Duty Mobile. This month, we hosted the In-nominate Duos Tournament during the second week of April. Who won this tournament? To answer your question it’s time to dig a little deeper, shall we?

After having to listen to the Planning Team shouting at me for now using this tournament name for the month of Valentine’s day, since it is based on the concept of Valentine’s day, we decided to keep our rivalries aside (/srs we fight everyday /srs) and present to you the In-nominate Duos tournament!

The announcement

On April 4th, after nearly getting couped, we revived our tournament channels with some neat teams and the following announcement:

“Over the past month weeks we had circulated a registration form open for everyone to register for the tournament. After filtering thru some fake registrations and running the entrants thru a randomizer, this is the final list of teams:”

Team 1: Waleedinwar!, Hasdwob
Team 2: CyanGaming, Handsometechno
Team 3: Calamity, Luci
Team 4: SR27, jjsnowflake
Team 5: Sina Zahed, monke
Team 6: DraxGaming, Trigg3r

All teams here on out decided upon their team names and were given some chat perks including exclusive roles and team badges.


  • The following weapons were restricted to use since it would make the competition unfair:
    AS VAL
    Type 25
    Rytec AMR
    Kilo 141
    Entire Shotgun Category
    Entire Marksman Rifles Category
    Entire Launchers Category
    Entire Melee Category
  • All scorestreaks and operator skillsets were banned.
  • Grenade and tactical restrictions:
    The only lethal and tactical grenades allowed are Frag Grenade and Trophy System.
  • The following perks were banned:
    Dead silence
    High Alert
  • Other restrictions:
    Thermite reload mag was banned on all weapons
    Akimbo weapon perk on any gun was banned


  1. The winning duo would be awarded their own custom role, featuring custom names, colors, and badges alongside a winning cash price of 15000 Rebel Cash.
  2. The runner up duo would be awarded their own custom role, featuring custom names and colors alongside a cash prize of 9000 Rebel Cash.


Each team will be required to play at least two games (three in case of tie-breaker) with their opponents in the following settings:
Maps: Shipment, Killhouse
Kill Limit – 30
Time Limit – 1200 seconds


Once the teams were formed, brackets was created beyond which all matches will be completed in a self-host manner. Meaning, each team is responsible to complete their matches within 48 hours. Failing to do so would have disqualify both teams.


Team R.E.D won the In-nominate Duos Tournament!
Calamity and Luci bag this tournament easily!
Alongside, our runner-up is Monke!

We congratulate the winners and thank everyone who participated in the tournament. Without our active community always dedicated to hop in, our tournaments will never be possible. All participants will be awarded 1,000 Rebel Cash for participating in the tournament. Shoutout to Planning Team for always organizing and engaging users with tournaments every month!

P.S: Do not ask us what Team R.E.D’s acronym stands for.

Signing off until next tournament!
RF: CoD Mobile Commander

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