As many of us may already know, esports is a form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions particularly between professional players, individually or as teams representing their clans or communities. In Call of Duty: Mobile, esports occur in the form of first person shooter and battle royale, which happen to be the two different aspects of the game itself. These FPS and BR esports occur in the forms of clan vs clan multiplayer scrims and private battle royale tournaments.

Although RF:CoDm is more of a community effort where everyone tries to have fun together, it is undeniable that esports happen to be a great interest and is enjoyed by a large audience. Therefore, Rebel Federation has now officially entered into action packed esports and competitive tournaments where community members who pass our esports tryouts and are all-round team player get a chance to represent RF in it’s great future into entering esports.

Do you have what it takes to represent us in competitive environment? Are you looking forward to improve your gameplay by playing with the best we have? Do you want to get featured in our competitive teams?

If yes, fill out the given forms to decide where you want to shine.

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